Portage County Health District Staff

Portage County Health District Staff (330-296-9919)

Joseph Diorio, MPH, MS, REHS (ext-110)Health Commissioner
Dr. Mark Arredondo, MDMedical Director

Personnel and Administrative Services

Sarah Meduri, BSPH (ext-109)Director of Personnel & Administrative Services
Christina Jewell (ext-113)Administrative/Account Clerk

Environmental Health Services

Mary Helen Smith, MPH, CPH (ext-106)Director, Environmental Health Services, REHS
Justin Rechichar, MPH (ext-131)Deputy Director, Environmental Health Services, REHS
Andrew Bull, MPH (ext-122)Food, Pools and Camps Supervisor, REHS
Natalie Menke, BA (ext-155)EHSIT
Han Gilligan, BS (ext-260)EHSIT
Amos Sarfo, MS  (ext-111)Stormwater & Wastewater Supervisor, REHS
William Duck, BA (ext-120)REHS
Dan Robinson (ext-104)Certified Plumbing Inspector
Elizabeth Ahrens, BS (ext-103)REHS
Debbie Wine (ext-136)Clerk
Jennifer Lowry, BS (ext-125)REHS
Emily Speck, BS (ext-132)REHS
Michael Spies, BS (ext-151)REHS
Lindsey Cianciolo, BS (ext-153)REHS
Thi PhamSeasonal Worker (Temporary)

Nursing Services

Rosemary Ferraro, MSN, RN (ext-133)Director, Nursing Services
Penny Paxton, MPH (ext-152)Epidemiologist
Marianne Kitakis, BSN, RN (ext-117)Public Health Nurse
VacantPublic Health Nurse
Mamie Sawyer Brewer, BSN, RN (ext-134)Public Helath Nurse
Kayla Scheufler, BSN, RN (ext-114)Public Health Nurse
Philesia Condor (ext-135)Clerk
Heather Harouff (ext-119)Billing Clerk

Finance Services

Matthew Fletcher, MBA (ext-102)Director, Finance 
Melissa Underwood (ext-105)Account Clerk
Lisa M. Miley (ext-101)Grants Fiscal Manager
Maria Gill (ext-130)Account Clerk
Julia Sykes (ext-108)Account Clerk

Health Education and Promotion

Becky Lehman, MPH, CHES (ext-137)Director, Health Education and Promotion
Ali Mitchell, BS (ext-129)Health Educator, Safe Communities Project Director
Kat Holtz, BS (ext-107)Health Educator
Kimberly Plough, MEd, CHES (ext-126)Health Educator
Robert Walker, BA (ext-112)Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Joshua Sexton, BSPH (ext-118)Accreditation Coordinator
VacantHealth Educator

 Women, Infants & Children (Columbiana County)

Ereka Johnson, BSND, RD, LD, CLC (ext-300)Site Supervisor
Carley Buzzard (ext-304)Peer Helper
Connie Suliot, BS (ext-303)Clinic Assistant
Victoria Caddell, (ext-301)Clinic Assistant
Anita Mackey (ext-302)Clinic Assistant
Julie Seifert, BHE, CLC (ext-306)Health Professional 1 (Nutritionist)
Kelly Rambo, BSND, CLC (ext-305)Health Professional 3 (Breast Feeding Coordinator)
Abbie Gallagher, BSAS, LD (ext-307)Health Professional  2 (Dietitian)

Women, Infants & Children (Portage County)

Amy Cooper, BSND, RD, LD (ext-200)Director (Portage & Columbiana County WIC)
Rachael Stratton, BA, CLC (ext-204)Peer Helper 2
VacantClinic Assistant
Karen Hendrickson (ext-201)Clinic Assistant
Angela Konkle (ext-203)Clinic Assistant
Briana Robison, MS, MPH, RD, LDN (ext-207)Health Professional 2 (Dietitian)
Becky Chonko, BSND, RD, LD, CLC (ext-206)Health Professional 2 (Dietitian)
Lindy Goist, BSAS, RD, LD, CLC (ext-205)Health Professional 3 (Breast Feeding Coordinator)