Dive Rescue Training to be held at Trail Lake Park

Streetsboro Fire Department will train on February 16,17 & 18
Trail Lake Park entrance sign photo

(Streetsboro, OH) On February 16, 17, and 18, the Streetsboro Fire Department, in cooperation with the Portage Park District, will conduct dive rescue training at Trail Lake Park in Streetsboro. Training will begin around 10:00 AM each day and last for approximately 2 hours. During this time, the park will remain open to all visitors and no disruptions are expected. 

"We're very grateful for the Fire Department's proactive training at Trail Lake, but hope they'll never need to put it into action for a rescue", said Christine Cray croft, Portage Park District Executive Director. "Nature is always changing and we can never assume that it is safe to go out onto the lake ice; we're asking park users to stay safe by staying off icy lakes and wetlands". 

Streetsboro Fire Department Lieutenant Eric Moss, a certified rescue diver, is conducting the training for the department. "This is a great opportunity for the department to see the park, learn about access points, and understand the sensitive areas within the park that are most important to preserve", according to Moss, who added. "The recent drop in temperatures will provide us with an opportunity to cut through ice and simulate rescuing a person that fell through into the water". 

The fire department applied for a special use permit and has been granted access to a non-sensitive area of the lake for this training only. "We contacted park officials at the beginning of the month to seek access to the lake. We greatly appreciate that everyone at Portage Park District has been very cooperative and helpful, according to Captain Kevin Grimm, Public Information Officer for the department. Grimm added, "Although this is a non-emergency training event, we ask that park visitors remain aware of vehicles and equipment in and around the park for safety. A fire department representative will be on hand to answer any questions park visitors may have so that they may learn more about what their fire department is doing". 

Fire Chief Robert Reinholz said: "We are very appreciative for the cooperation of the park district in granting us access to the park and the lake. Every chance we have to train, especially somewhere new, is a great opportunity for us. Reinholz added that regular emergency services for the city will not be impacted during this training. The park is located along Ravenna Road on the city's south end. "We will have personnel at the station ready to immediately respond to any emergency. " 

Water Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FDWater Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FDWater Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FD
Water Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FDWater Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FDWater Rescue team picture - Streetsboro FD