Breakneck Creek Preserve

** This park is not open to the public yet **

Breakneck Creek Preserve


5795 Lakewood Road, Ravenna Township about 3/4 mile north of Summit Rd.


This property has not yet been developed for use as a park, however it is open for occasional guided hikes and specially permitted research and education.

Plans for Opening to Public

We'll update this section as soon as we have more information.

History and Resources

This 66-acre preserve is an old farmstead with Breakneck Creak meandering through its northern border along with the historic P&O Canal and B&O Railroad remnants. It was acquired through a state grant with contributions from the City of Kent and Portage County. The conserved wetlands and woods of the preserve help to protect the Breakneck Creek watershed, which provides drinking water for tens of thousands of people. Volunteers and students use the site for research and education.     

    Photo Gallery

    Part of Breakneck Creek in woods during the summer        Part of Breakneck Creek covering part of the surrounding trees with water        Fallen tree going over Breakneck Creek