Subdivisions & Forms

Application Forms

To apply for a subdivision review or variance, print out the appropriate form (see below) and bring it to the Regional Planning Commission office with the survey drawing and/or required supplemental information. Replats, major subdivision plats and variances are only approved at the monthly Regional Planning Commission meetings and applications must be turned in one month in advance.
Application forms for subdivision reviews are available in pdf format below:

Minor Subdivision Application

Preliminary Plan Application

Plat (Major Subdivision) & Replat Application

Variance Application

Minor Subdivisions

A subdivision of land involving less than 5 parcels, any one of which is less than 5 acres, is a minor subdivision. Approvals for septic systems (Health Department) and central sewer (Water Resources) are required. All parcels must meet zoning requirements and the survey must have a zoning inspector’s signature. The review takes 7 working days.
A sheet to guide you through the Minor Subdivision process is available in pdf format below:

Minor Subdivision Procedures

Plats & Replats

The plat and replat application is necessary for any changes to lot lines in an existing platted subdivision or for a subdivision of land involving more than 5 lots and/or the construction of new roads to serve more than one lot. See Subdivision Regulations for requirements. A 30-day review and approval by the Planning Commission is required. See submission dates below.

Submission Dates

A variance is required if a person proposes to do something that is not compliant with the Subdivision Regulations. A 30-day review and approval by the Planning Commission is required. Contact the Regional Planning Commission staff for information about filling out the form.

For pricing of subdivision reviews and other services see pdf format below:

Subdivision Fee Schedule