The Auditor serves as the chief fiscal officer for the County, has statutory accounting responsibilities and is the tax assessor for all political subdivisions within the County.  As Chief Fiscal Officer, no contract or obligation involving the County can be made without a certification by the Auditor stating that sufficient funds are available or in the process of being collected.  The Auditor is the central disbursing agent of the County; paying bills to creditors for liabilities incurred or services provided, this includes preparing the payroll for all County offices and agencies.  Additional statutory responsibilities of the Auditor include serving as secretary for the Board of Revision, the County Budget Commission, and the administrator of the Data Processing Board.  As tax assessor, the Auditor is responsible for establishing the tax rates for real estate, personal property, and manufactured homes.  Once these taxes are collected, the Auditor is responsible for distributing those monies to the various local government entities in accordance with legally adopted rates. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matt Kelly County Auditor (330) 297-3561
Matt Kelly