Judge  Becky L. Doherty

Honorable Judge Becky L. Doherty

Judge Doherty's Weekly Schedule

All hearings have resumed to normal operations with social distancing and face coverings required. Additional measures have been put into place to help protect prospective jurors, counsel, and witnesses during proceedings (i.e.: plexiglass dividers, increased sanitization throughout proceedings, availability of hand sanitizer and wipes, and implementation of UV Sanitizing equipment as needed).

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Darlene Pepper Judicial Assistant (330) 297-3878
Tammy Kiser Deputy Jury Commissioner (330) 297-3859
Toni DiNardo, RPR Official Court Reporter (330) 297-4275
Ann Saliga Assistant to Mediator (330) 298-3232
Becky L. Doherty Judge (330) 297-3866
Deena Tannert Assignment Commissioner (330) 297-3866
Sandra Coddington Bailiff (330) 297-3861
Kelley Hershberger Official Court Reporter (330) 297-3864
Chad Hawks Magistrate (330) 297-3866
Benito Antognoli Mediator (330) 298-3232