Larry D. Jenkins Jr., P.E., P.S.

 The Portage County Engineer is responsible for the county's highway consisting of 368 miles of county road and 172 county owned bridges. 

The Portage County Engineer is also responsible for the Portage County Tax Map Department, which is located on the 3rd floor of the Portage County Administration Building. The Tax Map Department can be reached at 330-297-3598.

The Engineer works with the Portage County Commissioners and the Portage County Township Trustees to perform his various responsibilities in the following areas: 

County Highways                                                                                                         

All maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, reconstruction, and construction of pavements and bridges on the county highway system is the Engineer’s responsibility. This includes: traffic control, safety, mowing and snow removal.

County Bridges

The responsibility for bridges includes an annual inspection and evaluation of the condition and load-carrying capacity of each county owned bridge. Federal and State law outlines the County Engineer's responsibility regarding bridge inspection and record keeping. 

Township Highways

The Engineer is the advisor to the18 Boards of Township Trustees for the maintenance, repair, widening, surfacing and reconstruction of Township highways. Any bridges on the township highway system which measure a span of 10 feet or larger are the full responsibility of the County Engineer. Bridges with a span less than 10 feet are the Townships responsibility.


The Engineer is responsible for many bridges within municipalities, including those on the county highway system. However, all roadways in the Cities and Villiages are the responsibility of the respective City or Villiage.

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

ODOT is responsible for all state highways and is also responsible for all roadway bridges over state routes within Portage County.

Ohio Turnpike Commission

 The Ohio Turnpike is responsible for Interstate 80 and all roadway bridges over the Turnpike that runs through Portage County.

Funding for Projects

Highway and bridge projects undertaken by the County Engineer are financed from the county’s share of the income from motor vehicle registration fees and motor vehicle fuel taxes with assistance in the form of specific project grants from the Federal Highway Administration and the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Larry D. Jenkins Jr., P.E.,P.S. County Engineer (330) 296-6411