Portage County Municipal Court Judges

Honorable Mark K. FankhauserJudge RoubicHonorable Kevin T. Poland
Honorable Mark K. FankhauserHonorable Melissa R. RoubicHonorable Kevin T. Poland

Ravenna Municipal Court

203 West Main Street

Ravenna, OH 44266


Kent Municipal Court

303 East Main Street

Kent, OH 44240

Protective face coverings are optional for all individuals entering the Courthouse.


Each judge will determine the protocol he/she will follow in his/her courtroom. 




You may use the form below to enter a plea of not guilty and waive your right to a speedy trial instead of appearing in-person.


Please note: some charges require a personal appearance. If you have questions regarding whether you can enter a written plea of not guilty by using the form below, please refer to your citation or contact the court. 


Plea of Not Guilty and Waiver of Time Form 



The Portage County Municipal Court is a court system responsible for adjudicating misdemeanor cases and setting bond on felony cases.  The Municipal Court hears civil matters up to $15,000.00 in damages, small claims up to $6,000.00, and is committed to administering justice fairly, efficiently and professionally to ensure the rights of all persons are observed.