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Mission Statement:  "As the principal executive organization of county government, the Board of Commissioners, along with its departments, is committed both to providing efficient government and to promoting the welfare and strategic development of the Portage  County Community."

The Board of Commissioners fiscally oversees the General Fund Budget of the County, and is the appropriating authority for all County tax dollars.  Each County Elected Official is charged to perform the duties of their individual elected office, but the Board of County Commissioners performs administrative and fiscal duties that coordinate total County operations.  There are ten (10) departments that fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners consists of three members who serve four year terms.  Two County Commissioners are elected in an even numbered year, and the third County Commissioner is elected two years later.

Staff Contacts
Commissioner Anthony J. BadalamentiPresident(330) 297-3604
Commissioner Sabrina Christian-BennettVice President

(330) 297-3600

Commissioner Mike TinlinBoard Member

(330) 297-3600

Michelle Crombie County Administrator(330) 297-3370
Kassidy ParbelClerk

(330) 297-3600

Sara HoagExecutive Assistant

(330) 297-3601

Sarah MettsAdministrative Assistant(330) 297-3600

Jessica Mastaso

Clerical Specialist (330) 297-3600