Pre-Sentence Investigations

The primary goal of the Pre-Sentence Investigation is to collect data which will assist the Court in sentencing. Defendants are referred to the Adult Probation Department for a PSI at the time of plea or finding of guilt.
The Defendant is required to complete a Pre-Probation Questionnaire which is reviewed during the interview by the PSI Officer.

The PSI Officer investigates and includes the following information in the PSI to the Court:
1. Referral information from the Court
2. Official Version of the offense
3. Personal Background (age, race, residence, education, military, family, etc.)
4. Employment/Financial
5.Physical/Mental Health
6. Substance Abuse History
7. Defendant’s Statement
8. Criminal History
9. Victim/Restitution information, if applicable
10. Risk level
11. Sentencing Recommendations