Pathways to Independence Scholarship

Craig and Karen Wilde, residents of Portage County, have generously partnered with Portage County JFS to help empower the young adults of Portage County, Ohio.

Mission:  To encourage young adults working with Job and Family Services to achieve their goals and reach for their dream through the Pathways to Independence Scholarship opportunity.   

A. To be Eligible: 

• Young adults must be 17 and over and have or had an open case with Child Protective Services .
• Working with a CCMEP Case Manager or a Child Protective Services Independent Living Worker/Social Service Worker.
• Working towards an employment or education goal or maximizing an opportunity that will help the applicant to accomplish a goal or realize a dream.
• Students who have received the Pathway scholarships in the past are encouraged to apply annually.
• Applications are to be submitted by May 18th, 2023, with verification documents to be submitted as soon as possible.

B. Use of Funds:

Funds can be used for housing, education, educational accessories (i.e., laptop, books, calculators, etc.), training fees, recreational fees, transportation, expenses, and supplies associated with college, technical, or other training programs and courses or related to employment needs and requirements.

C. Application Process:

  1. Applicants must complete the attached application. Application is available in both paper and digital form.
  2. Attach the Required Documentation.
    1. Examples of documentation may include printouts specifying the cost of a course, training, transportation, computer, etc. 
    2. If the cost is associated with an education/training course, a verification of enrollment is required.
    3. Reference from a JFS case worker or social worker.
    4. Mailing Address where funds should be sent.
  3.  Submit applications to JFS Program Specialist:
  4. You will receive a reply email from the Program Specialist confirming receipt of your email.
  5. Review of the application will take place and applicants may be asked to provide supplemental documentation.
  6. Once a decision is made, you will receive an email about the scholarship approval or denial.
  7. Upon approval, please expect funds to be distributed based on the education or training course schedule.  For example, if the educational or training program is based on semesters, the annual scholarship amount will be split and distributed by semester. If the program is a singular certification course, funds will be distributed in one full amount.
  8. For every follow-on educational unit (semester/quarter) or separate training certification, verification of passing grades/completion of the previous education unit needs to be submitted along with a second document verifying enrollment for the next unit.
  9. Documents to include in verification:
  • Documentation of the completion of the last unit grades
  • Intended Use of Funds
  • Verification of enrollment in upcoming courses, training, housing, transportation needs, or technology needs.
  • Mailing Address where funds should be sent.
  1. Submit verifying documents to JFS Program Specialist:
  1. Upon approval, processing of funds will commence, and individuals or businesses, or educational institutions can expect to receive funds in the mail. (Example: If a check is to be sent directly to the institute).
  2. Scholarship applicants are encouraged to fill out a new scholarship application annually and then follow the verification process each year.

  To complete the application, click here: Pathways to Independence Digital Application    

  To download and print a copy of the application, please see below.