Dix Park


       7318 SR 44, Ravenna, OH 44266

Dix Park

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Park Activities:  cross country skiing, hiking, nature & historic appreciation, picnicking


  • 30-car asphalt parking lot
  • Information Kiosk
  • Restroom—(nonflush toilet)

Special Notices

  • Stay on designated trails
  • No horses, bikes or motor vehicles


Portage Park District Rules and Regulations


Trail IconTrail NameMilesSurface TypeRatingDescription
Farm lane TrailFarm Lane.67natural/some limestone2Wide natural surface trail, follow to access Fox Loop and Trillium Trail. 
 Loop Trail.15natural1Natural trail, quick and easy loop to spot bird and pollinators.
Fox LoopFox Loop.18natural2Natural trail through woods.
Trillium TrailTrillium Trail.55natural3Natural trail through woods, some boardwalk crossings in wet areas. 

    History & Resources

    The Robert C. Dix family generously donated this beautiful 103-acre park in Ravenna Township to the Park District in the year 2000 to ensure that it would always be preserved and enjoyed by the public. The property is a mix of forest, wetlands and 24 acres of fields transitioning back to forest and meadow. The rolling woods is dotted with springs, wetlands and small streams and has a beautiful showing of spring wildflowers through its mature mixed hardwood forest and summer wildflowers in the meadows.

    Photo Gallery

    Bloom Report 4-7-20  Photo of large open field  Marsh Marigold Flowers  Dix Park field  Narrow unpaved road littered with leaves and covered by a canopy of trees   Birch Trees in woods covered with yellow and reddish leaves during fall   Dix Park snowy