Towner's Woods Park


2264 Ravenna Rd., Kent, OH 44240 * When using google maps type: Towner's Woods Parking to get directions
Note: Bridge on Ravenna Rd. is out, no parking lot access from Brady Lake Rd. 

Towner's Woods Map

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Park Activities:  cross-country skiing, hiking, nature & historic appreciation, picnicking, sledding



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Trail IconTrail NameMilesSurface TypeRatingDescription
Lakeside TrailLakeside Trail.69natural    3Wide natural surface trail following Lake Pippen for gorgeous views from any point.
woodland loopWoodland Loop.53natural     2Hilly loop through mature woods and wetlands. Includes one small picnic shelter along the trail.
ski trailSki Trail 1.45natural     3High and low undulating natural trail, most traveled and challenging path for cross country skiers. Winds through mature woods and the heart of the park making a large loop from the Woodland Loop trail all around the park.
Meadow LinkMeadow Link.21


    2A short, natural path linking the Ski Trail to Swann's Way through mature woods
Swann's WaySwann's Way.58natural    3Loop trail in the very center of the park, includes 4 connection points to other trails
Ginseng TrailGinseng Trail.22natural     2A short, natural path linking the west side of the Ski Trail to the east side of the Ski Trail at the Ski Hut structure, a small shelter to take a rest under.
Wetlands TrailWetlands Trail.61natural    3Natural and sometimes narrow path loops around a large wetland. 
Eagle TrailEagle Trail.31natural      3A short loop at the northernmost point of the park. Beautiful overlook of Lake Pippen through the woods.
Butterfly TrailButterfly Trail.57natural     1A natural, grassy trail through partial meadow and forest. Prime location to spot native plants, flowers, insects, butterflies and moths in warm months.

    History & Resources

    Towner’s Woods was acquired in phases by Portage County in the 1970s as a potential water supply, with a later addition by the Park District. It was developed as parkland and opened to the public in 1975. The property consists of 234 rolling acres of mixed forests, diverse wetlands, and meadows in Franklin and Ravenna Townships. The park is next to Lake Pippen, a pristine glacial kettle hole lake owned by the City of Akron. Foot trails throughout the park provide easy to strenuous hiking and renowned cross-country skiing through beautiful natural scenery and varied habitats.

    Historically, 2,000 years ago the Hopewell Indians created a burial mound, located overlooking Lake Pippen which was excavated in the early 1900s. Towner’s Woods and The PORTAGE Hike and Bike Trail are also located on the key Erie Railroad line. The 1913 Brady Interlocking Switch Tower was used to switch the lower set of train tracks (now Norfolk Southern). Now just used for storage, the building has great potential for other uses.

    Hopewell Mound resources:

    Towner’s Woods trailhead also provides access to the PORTAGE Hike and Bike Trail between Kent and Ravenna.

    Photo Gallery

    two People Looking at a Lake through the Woods   Switch Tower in Towner's Woods  Towner's Woods  

    People Sledding down a hill in Towner's Woods  Towner's Woods  Towner's Woods