Park Ranger Resources

Public Safety
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Emergencies: Call 911
Non-emergencies: Call Chief Steele at 330-808-0797

Portage Park District is a great place to enjoy nature and recreation. When visiting Portage Park District parks, remember to practice the same personal safety routines you would anywhere else.

If faced with an emergency, call 911. If you are unsure of the situation, always call 911. If faced with a non-emergency, please call our Chief Ranger, Zachary Steele at 330-808-0797.
If you are with a Park District employee, notify them of your situation. They will assist you in contacting a ranger for help.

To submit a concern or report an issue, click the report button below

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TRAIL HAZARDS AND DAMAGE To report non-emergency safety hazards, or damaged trails and facilities, use this form for our operations department.

Rules and Regulations