Park Planning

River going through a forest in the late afternoon

Portage Park District Comprehensive Master Plan

The Portage Park District has developed a Comprehensive Parks Master Plan with the aid of professional consultants and public input. The purpose of the project was to develop a community-supported plan that provides guidance to the Park District over the next 10 years for improving and operating existing and future parks and trails and providing opportunities for appropriate public use and enjoyment. It is the primary implementation tool of the campaign promises made during the Park District’s 2014 levy campaign to: maintain and repair existing parks and trails; open almost 1,000 acres of currently inaccessible parkland; conserve critical natural areas for wildlife habitat and water quality protection; create new parks and trails across the county; provide opportunities for healthy recreation and education.

The Plan will guide policy development, prioritize needs and opportunities and generate a 5-year and 10-year strategic action plan with accompanying financial plans to be updated every three years. It will inform decisions regarding types of park facilities and trail development, new parkland acquisition, land management and programming. The plan expresses the Park District’s intentions to be good stewards of the public’s natural and financial resources through sustainable design and management that considers short and long-term environmental, economic and social impacts.

The Comprehensive Strategic Master Plan considers potential public and private partners, stakeholders and other facilities and programs within Portage County and in neighboring counties to determine shared opportunities and avoid competition and duplication of services.

Portage County - Ravenna Road Bridge Replacement Project
Franklin Township, Portage County
ODOT Project No. POR-CR 145 Ravenna Road Bridge; PID 105556
The Portage County Engineer’s Office, in cooperation with the Portage Park District, proposes to replace the Ravenna Road (County Road 145) Bridge spanning the Norfolk Southern Railroad in Franklin Township, Portage County.

The new bridge design includes the following improvements:
• Increased vertical profile to meet Norfolk Southern Railroad vertical clearance requirements
• A new dedicated 10-foot wide multiuse trail to replace an existing on-street section of the Portage
Hike & Bike Trail
• Reconstruction of the Towner’s Woods Park entrance

Due to the permanent acquisition of land from the Towner’s Woods Park and temporary impacts to Portage Park District property and the Portage Hike & Bike Trail, the Portage County Engineer’s Office is seeking public input regarding the proposed project, maintenance of traffic and/or environmental impacts.

Download full project details here.

Please provide comments by April 14, 2022, to:
Mike Collins
Project Manager, Portage County Engineers
5000 Newton Falls Road
Ravenna, OH 44266
Main Line: 330-296-6411
e-mail: [email protected]
All comments should be received by April 14, 2022 to be formally documented during the Preliminary Engineering phase of the project.
If you do not have internet access or if you need special assistance, please contact Mike Collins (information above). Public

Planning for ‘Kent Bog Expansion’

‘The Kent Bog Expansion’
A 215-acre property purchased from Carter Lumber Company on the north side of Howe Rd., in Kent and Brimfield Township. Property information sheet and map

If you have any questions, concerns, or input regarding the Master Plan, please contact us at: (330) 297-7728 or email.