Featured Nature Words

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Pollination Resources & Activities 
Pollinator Partnership
Ohio Bee Lab
Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative
Attracting Pollinators to the Garden
Bees Of Ohio Field Guide
Moths of Ohio Field Guide
Common Bees & Wasps of Ohio Field Guide
Article - Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden, Author - Al Barber, Portage County Master Gardener Volunteer

Mammal Resources & Activities

Field Guide to Mammals of Ohio
Ohio Division Of Wildlife - Born Wild, Stay Wild
Orphaned & Injured Wildlife Fact Sheet
Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitator List 2020
Mammals of Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Online Mammals Games & Activities - Brain Pop Jr.
Ohio Mammal Fact Book & Activities

Phenology Resources & Activities

OSU Extension Phenology Garden Network
Ohio State Phenology Calendar
USA National Phenology Network
Nature's Notebook - Activities
Project Budburst
Journey North
Using Degree Days to Predict Pest Activity

Adaptation Resources and Activities

PBS Natureworks Adaptation Video
Project Beak
Wild Ohio Animal Adaptations Magazine
Insect Adaptations Activity Booklet
Bird Adaptations
Audubon Adventures

Migration Resources & Activities

Common Birds of Ohio Field Guide
All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Audubon for Kids
Black Swamp Bird Observatory
Bird Academy
Bird Song Hero
Great Migration Challenge - create your stations and play the game!
The Birding Beat activity
Birdcast - live migration maps
eBird - explore and document the birds in your community

word of the week invasive
Invasive Resources & Activities

Ohio Invasive Species
Ohio Invasive Plants Council
Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership for Biodiversity

Fighting Invasive Plants in Ohio
Alternatives to Ohio Invasive Plants
Landscaping for Biodiversity
Invasive Species Activity
Invasive Species Teaching Resources
Ag in the Classroom - Hungry Pests Activity
USDA Educator Resources

 ephemeral; short time
Ephemeral Resources & Activities

Spring Wildflower Field Guide
ODNR Wildflower Watch
Homebound Activities - Ohio Native Plants Month
Partners in Pollination Activity Guide - Smithsonian Institute
Native Plants - LEAP Biodiversity
Ohio Wildflower Gallery
Wildflowers of Spring
Wildflower Coloring Pages - US Forest Service

Watershed Resources & Activities

Portage County Watershed Map
Watershed Tour - Ohio Watershed Network
Ohio Watersheds & Drainage Basin Maps 
How's My Waterway? Interactive Tool - USEPA
Household Habits for Healthy Waters
Life at the Water's Edge: Living in Harmony with Your Backyard Stream
Watershed Sleuth Challenge - earn your badge!
Build A Watershed Activity
Watershed Resource Library - National Geographic
Healthy Natural Environments Activity
The Incredible Journey Water Cycle Activity

words of the week vernal pool

Vernal Pool Resources & Activities

ODNR Amphibian Field Guide
Underwater Vernal Pool Video - Roger Tory Peterson Institute
Vernal Pool Resource page - USEPA
Landowner Guide to Vernal Pool Stewardship
Wicked Big Puddles - Vernal Pool Association (some very cool videos of vernal pool life!)
Ecology of Vernal Pools
Springo Bingo Game
Wetland Address Activity - Grades 5-10
Feelin' Froggy Craft


Amphibian Resources & Activities

ODNR Amphibian Field Guide
Getting to Know Ohio Salamanders Fact Sheet
Ohio's Frogs & Toads (including audio!)
Ohio's Salamanders
Amphibian Educational Video for Kids by Happy Learning
Trace-and-Color a Frog printable activity
Salamander Life Cycle printable activity
Frog Word Scramble printable activity
Frog Jokes