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Getting outside is fun and good for your mental and physical health! Please use the resources below to guide or enhance your outdoor adventures.
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Nature Journaling
Explore our parks and connect with nature by using a nature journal

Owlbert Scavenger Hunts

owlbert scavenger huntUse our park scavenger hikes to add some fun to your hike! 
Some parks have hidden Owlbert cutouts to find with your eyes. Please leave Owlberts in place so other visitors can enjoy. 

Berlin Lake Trail - 3 hidden Owlberts
Trail Lake Park - 6 hidden Owlberts
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Nature Craft Activities
Nature craft - Mammals click to download instructions

Nature craft - Mammals photo of instruction sheet

Natural elements art click to download instructions
Natural elements artwork sheet


    Getting outside is essential to our health and wellbeing, but how much do we need to be outside for it to count? Experts say 120 minutes in nature is the key to seeing health benefits.

    Portage Park District is partnering with the Portage County Safety Council to encourage individuals to GetOutside and get those 120 minutes of activity. Listen to our podcast where Mike Thompson, interviewed Jen and Andrea to talk about the Portage Park District and the need for outdoor activity.

    Portage County Safety Council podcast - Get Outside campaign 
    Session 1: 2020 Campaign Launch 
    Session 2: Why you should spend more time outdoors

    Portage County Safety Council logo

    It doesn't matter in what increments you get your 120 minutes, try a 10-minute walk at lunchtime or a 30-minute bike ride in the evening. Every minute counts. Now more than ever it's important to take care of your mental and physical health - so get outside, it's as easy as 1,2,0! 
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    NRPA Report - Parks help improve mental here read here
    Read the University of Exeter Medical School study here.
    Get outside in the Portage Parks! Click here to go to the parks and maps page. 

    Top things to do at our parks
    Click the photo to visit that parks page.
    Towners Woods hopewell mound, lake pippen, bald eagles, vernal pools, butterfly trail   Dix Park trillium trail, farm lane, loop trail, spring wildflowers, meadow

    Morgan Park staff favorites, pergola swing, meadow trail, fern trail, woodland loop, mature wet woods and bogs    Seneca Ponds Staff Favorites
    Shaw Woods staff favorites    The Portage Hike & Bike Trail staff favorites
    Headwaters Trail Staff Favorites waterfalls railroad history eagle creek wooded ravines mantua bog state nature preserve continental divide bridge over cuyahoga river    Berlin lake Trail staff favorites birdwatching hotspot panoramic view bald eagles osprey boaters wildlife fishing hiking biking

    Additional Resources:

    Finding Nature - Children & Nature Network
    Nature from Home Activities - National Park Trust
    National Audubon Society
    National Park Service - find your virtual park
    Ohio Division of Wildlife
    US EPA Student Center
    US Geological Survey
    US Fish and Wildlife Service